“The campfire is the most important part of camping. It’s far more than just a source of heat or light. It’s the heart of civilization. All other activities revolve around the fire. ”
David Lubar

Come camping with friends and family, Randilen is just over an hour’s drive from Arusha and has some exceptional campsites and fun activities for all the family. Just a weekend away.


Randilen offers a superb wilderness camping experience for all the family. With 3 campsites to choose from, each offering a wilderness experience and good access to the wildlife and activities.

Just over an hour’s drive from Arusha and you will feel a thousand miles away; these campsites offer great shade, beautiful places for your tents, and a campfire to enjoy the evening’s tales.

What can you expect? Wilderness and fun, these campsites have a great wilderness experience, they do not have any facilities such as toilets, showers or shops; this is true nature. You can fill up your water containers at the main ranger post any time.

If you would like to know more, please contact us by email or call us. Click here for the contact details.

There is lots of fun to be had in Randilen, walks, climbing hills and playing in the wide sandy river beds. The Randilen rangers are more than happy to show you around and become your guide during your visit. You are welcome to request a ranger from Randilen to join you in your camp overnight, please make arrangements beforehand.

How much does camping cost?

Adults Children (5-17 yrs)
Entrance Citizen 10,000 5,000
Entrance Resident $10 $5
Camping Citizen 15,000 5,000
Camping Resident $20 $20

Other costs

Vehicle TZ 10,000
Vehicle Foreign $10
Walking $10 per person
Night Drive $20 per person

Note: All costs above are not inclusive of VAT

How to create your entry and camping permit.

To enter and camp in Randilen, you will need to fill in the Request for a Permit form, the link is below. You need to fill in all the information the form requests ( you will need your Vehicle reg numbers, names of persons and passport or resident permit details) and then submit this form. Randilen will generate an invoice with a Control Number and you are required to pay either by mobile money or make a payment at a bank that accepts payments ( NMB bank). Once you have made the payment, Randilen will email your permit.

Click to Request Permit