Randilen Request for Permit

To enter and camp in Randilen, you will need to fill in this form. You need to fill in all the information the form requests ( you’ll need your Vehicle reg numbers, names of persons and passport or resident permit details) and then submit this form. Randilen will generate an invoice with a Control Number and you are required to pay either by mobile money or make a payment at a bank that accepts payments ( NMB bank). Once you have made the payment, Randilen will email your permit.

Permit Application

Main Applicant Details

Preferred payment type:

Itinerary Details

( if you are not travelling with a tour company, just write private).
( If you are not travelling in a tour- just write private).
Do you want to book a ranger?
$10 per day
Do you want to book a night drive?

Visitor Details

Please use the “Add” button to add details for all people who will visit, including the main applicant if the applicant is also intending to join the party.
ID Type
Age Group

Transport Details

Please use the “Add” button to include details for each vehicle in your party. The details in this section will be used for the driver's permit.
Vehicle Type
Vehicle Reg